Emergency Power Systems Technicians

What is Emergency Power?

Now, more than ever, reliable power is critical in supporting today’s modern infrastructure. Places like healthcare facilities, emergency response, data centers, cell phone towers and more cannot afford an interruption of power, as in some cases it can cost a life!

When utility fails, due from a weather event, an overloaded grid, or a down line due to an accident – this is when Emergency Power Systems kick in. Emergency Power can be provided in many forms, but the most commonly known is the use of a Generator.

What is an Emergency Power Systems Technician?

An Emergency Power Systems Technician, more commonly known as a Generator Technician, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of emergency power systems to ensure they will operate properly in the event of a power outage. A Generator Technician is the true HERO, and the lifeblood within any emergency power systems service provider.

80% of the time, a Generator Technician is performing planned maintenance, inspections, and testing the system per recommended best practices and regulatory requirements with the intention of ensuring the system will function in the event of an outage. However, despite planned maintenance, equipment can still fail, and when this happens a Generator Technician is also responsible for troubleshooting and repairing the system as soon as possible so that the generator can come back online.

As noted in our Generator Technician Creed, a Generator Technician relentlessly powers on to get the job done, no matter the weather, time of day or seemingly insurmountable task.

Characteristics of an Emergency Power Systems Technician / Generator Technician could include:

  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Curious, has the desire to know how something works
  • When something breaks, has the want to fix it
  • Wants to help those in need
  • Enjoys challenges and gets excited about the unknown
  • Self- Starter, Critical Thinker, Driven & Dedicated

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