Transfer Switches 101

Course Description

This is a hybrid classroom / lab experience with live hands-on equipment.

This is an introduction to transfer switches. In this class, we’ll be taking an up close and personal dive into both manual and automatic transfer switches. This class is not brand specific – we will be addressing many of the major transfer switch manufacturers such as Generac, Kohler, Onan / Cummins, and ASCO in addition to covering both old and new equipment. The purpose of this class will to be familiarize the students with how a transfer switch functions, safety, installation / setup and basic operation on both commercial and residential product.

  • This is a 24-hour course spanning over 3-days, with 8-hours per day.
  • Taught in English
  • Limited to 10 students
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the difference between manual and automatic transfer switches.
  • Comfortably approach a variety of different transfer switches and install them.
  • Safely transfer power from source to source using both automatic and manual operation.
  • Adjust system parameters.
  • Familiarize themselves with basic wiring schematics and symbols.
  • Be able to fill out required documentation during inspections.
  • Be able to take good quality thermal imaging photos to allow more experienced techs an opportunity to diagnose a possible issue.
Student Minimum Qualifications to Attend

This class is part of our “6 week apprenticeship program” and is intended for students that are new to the industry with very limited experience.  This is designed to get your feet off the ground and safely start servicing this equipment. 

  • Basic understanding of how to use a digital multi-meter (DVOM)  
  • Basic electrical understanding 
  • Basic generator understanding (operation, start / stop, residential VS commercial ect.) 
Minimum Required Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Steel toe or composite toe, electrical rated work boots. 
  • ANSI Z87.1 approved safety glasses. 
  • ANSI approved cut resistant gloves 
  • Appropriate work attire for a shop environment 
  • Appropriate hearing protection for operation of generators indoors. 
  • Notebook and pen / pencil or laptop for notetaking. (Laptops are preferred) 
  • Full minimum 40cal (or higher) rated arc flash suit sized specifically for the student.  (Electrical gloves rated to a minimum of 600v, hardhat / face shield / hood combo, hearing protection, overalls and jacket).  If your tech does not have a suit, we can provide you vendors where to purchase one.  Students that show up to class without a fully functional suit will not be able to participate in the “live testing” portion of class.  
Registration Fees

$1,440 per student (a la carte)

Call for Details: Discounted Rate available if student registers for all 10 modules / 6 week beginner program, 603-363-4842.

All registration fees are to be paid in full prior to the first day of class.

Please send checks payable to Mongoose Power Solutions c/o OPA! to PO Box 13, Spofford, NH 03462

Travel and Accommodations

Hotel Reservations are not included with registration and are the responsibility of the attendee/employer to arrange.

Click here for our hotel and travel recommendations.

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